Jim Valvano was the head basketball coach at NCSU when North Raleigh Clean Gutters was founded in 1990.

Since then, thousands of rain gutters have been cleaned.
Along the way, we’ve expanded our range of services, always priced fairly and performed safely.
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Our Services

Gutter Cleaning
Window washing
Hedge Trimming
Tree Trimming
Other Repairs and Odd Jobs

Site cleanup is then done, leaving your home and yard ready to show off!

Gutter Cleaning and Tree Trimming are probably not your favorite tasks.  Over the years, homes have gotten larger while free time is harder to come by.  And yet, all of the items in the list above still need to get done. 

North Raleigh Clean Gutters is flexible enough to take on all of the items in the list above, plus many other handy-man jobs around your home.  We realize that you may have concerns about the honesty of the home service workers that you use.  We offer the following testimonials for your review.


“Eric has taken care of my trees, shrubs and gutters for over 15 years.  He is very conscientious and always bundles and bags the debris for curb pick up.”
DS  Raleigh, NC 

“I hired North Raleigh Clean Gutters to remove leaves from our roof and gutters. Eric pointed out an area where the gutter had separated from the roof. The soffit below the gutter was wet and beginning to rot. Eric replaced the soffit and rehung the gutters. He also reattached two downspouts that had loose hardware.  He also repaired a small hole in one of the soffits where an animal was entering the attic. Eric does good work, identifies problems and fixes them promptly.”  
Paula,  Raleigh, NC

Most of all, you get honest, professional service. Give us a call: (919) 781-3872