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Gutter cleaning is our name, but along the way, we’ve expanded our range of services, always priced fairly and performed safely.  Your satisfaction is Guaranteed. 

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Gutter Cleaning
Window washing
Hedge Trimming
Tree Trimming
Other Repairs and Odd Jobs

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At North Raleigh Clean Gutters, we know that your home is your most valuable asset.  We’ll help keep it looking that way.  With our variety of home and yard maintenance and repair services, we can help your home to be beautiful! 

Gutter Cleaning and Minor Home Maintenance

Good home maintenance will actually help cut the cost of home ownership.  For example, rain gutters plugged up with old decaying leaves give rainwater nowhere to go during a rainstorm, except onto your house!  Rainwater can overflow  gutters damaging your landscaping, siding or windows.  The cost of these repairs could quickly escalate.  

Window Cleaning

Bright, clear windows will enhance the beauty of your home inside and out.  North Raleigh Clean Gutters has the experience and equipment to bring you that beauty.    We can reach those out-of-reach windows.

Hedge Trimming

Another great way to make your home look beautiful from the street is to keep your trees and hedges properly trimmed.  North Raleigh Clean Gutters has the experience and equipment to trim your hedges beautifully and efficiently.   Your windows are the “eyes” of your home, don’t block their view with tall hedges, it will look so much nicer from the street!  Hedges or trees crowding your driveway should be trimmed; give yourself and your guests a clear path up the driveway without scratching the cars!  Also, do the walkers in your neighborhood a favor by keeping tree limbs and hedges off of the sidewalk.

Minor Tree Maintenance and Landscaping

 We can remove dead or damaged limbs from trees, or completely remove small trees.   Tree limbs too close to your home could be damaging during a windstorm. North Raleigh Clean Gutters can cut the logs or branches into any length that you may desire.  Of course, after any tree or hedge trimming , we’ll completely clean up the worksite.
For landscaping tasks, North Raleigh Clean Gutters has a plant-loving degreed-biologist at your service!  In addition to tree or hedge trimming that you request, we can plant and remove flowers, shrubs and trees, weed control and mulching as you request.  We are not interested in lawn mowing. 

SAFETY AND HONESTY are our most important contributions to your home.  We have the professionalism and experience to perform all of the above-mentioned services without damage to you, your pets, your home, your cars, or ourselves.  North Raleigh Clean Gutters has built trust from its customers through 25 years of treating people fairly and can offer testimonials from previous customers.  If we see that your job is too large for us, we will recommend that you contract with appropriate tree surgeons, roofers, painters, irrigation specialists or others.

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